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Focus is a freight forwarding company specializing in the transportation of container special cabinets, ro-ro ships and general cargo ships in China.

Focus specialized in the customer’s over-sized, ultra-heavy and extra-large cargo import and export logistics requirements, and adheres to the principle of cost-controlled transportation to provide customers with container ship special cabinets or ro-ro ships or bulk carriers shipping services. The biggest advantage of Focus is not only to design the optimal logistics service plan, but also to integrate the shipping company, warehouse, large-scale car dealers, customs companies, terminals and other resources based on the rich connections in the industry. Various emergencies in execution ensure efficient implementation of transportation solutions to help customers optimize logistics costs for the company’s survival goals.

With the customer first, service first and quality priority as the service guide, Focus has been providing professional and personalized logistics solutions and comprehensive logistics services for the customers, serving the import and export traders, manufacturers, and Freight forwarding peers.

Our company is a large-scale project cargo transportation member of WCA, World Cargo Alliance. Based on the cooperation of foreign members, we provide customers with door-to-door large-size transportation services.

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