Preface: My fan friend excitedly congratulated me, saying that the customer confirmed her quotation in seconds.

I said to her, calm down. This kind of return order is perfectly normal because the customer recently sent her a shocking thank-you letter (thank-you letter: sales medal), which already has a solid foundation of trust.

Trust is the core issue of business. Once this problem is solved, no matter how incredible it may be, it’s not surprising. I used to do things like booking and billing directly without updating the quotation.

Marketing Quartet, Building a Business Universe: Let customers know me, make them interested, trust me, and guide them to place orders.

Among these four steps, the most challenging one is the third step: gaining customer trust.

There are two hardest things in the world, one is to put someone else’s money in one’s own pocket. Another is to cram one’s own ideas into the minds of others.

And if there is a foundation of trust, turning others into one’s own, it will be much simpler.

So, I agree with a viewpoint on the timing of marketing:

10% of the time is spent building relationships with customers, which means making them interested. 80% of the time is spent on gaining customer trust, 9% on introducing products, and the remaining 1% on signing contracts (guiding customers to place orders)!

So, how cn you make customers trust you?

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